Onduline Group



Being specialized in the particular field of production and marketing of building materials since it has started its operations in 1945, Onduline Group is today the world leader in bitumen based roofing and waterproofing material with an annual sales volume of over  square meters.

The Company has accomplished to maintain its existence with continuous development in many countries over 5 continents. Various manufacturing subsidiaries of the Group currently produce a wide spectrum of products ranging from bituminous based  roofing sheets and undersheeting to asphalt  shingles, modified bituminous waterproofing membranes, polycarbonate, PVC and polyester sheets and rolls, protective sheets for the waterproofing of basement walls and foundation.

Onduline Avurasya

It is one of the newest manufacturing companies of Onduline Group. Having stared to operate in 1994 in Turkey, the Company takes advantage of its parent company’s specialization in fields of manufacturing process, product composition, and marketing .Onduline Avurasya mainly exports to Central Asia, the Caucasus and Middle East.


High Quality Production

Onduline Manufacturing plant is built in Western Turkey. The plant employs special technologies developed by Onduline Group to produce the Onduline HR roofing and wall cladding sheets, and also the Isolin-Rufpline. S sheets used under tiles and Bituline waterproofing membranes. The Onduline Group and Onduline Avrasya have been rewarded with various certificates and awards by virtue of all their manufacturing processes being designed according to ecological technologies and modern principles.