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Ahmad Kabbesh company resumed her ancestors work in the field of  constructing materials who started working in this field since the nineteenth century .

Mr. Ahmad Khaled Kabbesh established his company in 1968 and started to work in the fields of flagstones and cement , then the company worked in importing stones and marble masses from Jordan , Lebanon , Turkey and Italy . For these reasons The company became the main source of most goods of different kinds of marble , ceramic and cutting disks which were imported from Italian company (MD) . Also the company became the main source of Sinbad stones and all materials of clearing marble and flagstones which were imported from the Italian company ( SAMIN ABRAVISI s.p.a. ) .

Mr. Ahmad Kabbesh continued his working until he became the exclusive importer of Turkish marble in the middle of ninetieth .

During the period in which Syria insisted on working only in the local marble instead of the foreign one , the company was one of the hands helped the government .

The company worked in many fields of constructing materials ; iron and white cement which was imported from Cyprus first , then from Jordan . And because white cement is the main nerve of constructing and industry , the company became famous and well known all over Syria .

In the end of the ninetieth , the company started to import all kinds of iron . She started importing from turkey first , then she imported from Hungary , Russia and Okrania to become the supplier of Bilieh subject for Hama's Iron Factory .

In 1989 the company made a big change in her strategies of work because she gained the quality of public trade throughout entering the field of importing modern cars with different brands e.g. ( MAZDA , ISUZU , CHEVROLET , MITSUBISHI ) .In 1994 the company became the exclusive agent in Syria of the following companies :

1-     Turkish Company GIMSA () which manufactures thermal , white and black cement .

2- Turkish Company OYSA () which works un the field of curd  and ceramic stickers .

3- Turkish Company ONDULINE () AVRASYA which is specialized in the fields of ceilings and separation materials .

the most important step by the company was establishing a big factory for sawing and trading  masses of marble and natural granite . Throughout this factory the company supplied the needs of the owners of marble sawyer and presented to them what they need of main cruds . Furthermore , the factory supplied what consumers need of floor and front marble to manufacture kitchens and lavatories in available prices to achieve both needs and leisure of the consumers .

Our main Goal is to satisfy our customers throughout working hard to accompany developing and modernizing .

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